Examples of Bureaucratese (Jargon, Buzz Words, Corporate Speak, etc.)

Jargon Buzz Words Corporate Speak Heyden Communications

Business speak, business jargon, corporate jargon, buzz words. These are all bureaucratese, a term for speech or writing that is typically characterized by verbosity, euphemisms, idioms , jargon, and buzzwords. This YouTube video by Avaya, a customer and team engagement tech company, covers the range of expressions in the business environment culture. Enjoy!

For reference here are a few mentioned: Hardball, ducks in a row, beef it up, put my feelers out, ping me, loop me in on that, B2B, B2C, brick and mortar, value proposition, soup to nuts, UI, UX, ICUP, disruptor, coding ninja, leading or cutting edge, world class, deliverables, baked in, actionable, willing to die on it, wiggle room, on the cheep, unpack it, back burner, sideways energy, repurpose, insource, cross pollination , under the radar, dis-ambiguate, synergy, and many, many more.