Health PSA: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infection Prevention and Personal Computing Devices

With Covid-19 spreading throughout the US as a highly contagious disease, public health warnings, alerts and announcements are often followed by critical reminders of the steps each individual should take to protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming infected and spreading the virus. 

As a parent with small children, a social and community-engaged individual, and a professional who travels and interacts publicly for my work, I engaging constantly on my personal electronic computing devices, and am personally reminded and admonish others to be aware of and take regular action to clean and disinfect these computing devices as frequently as you would wash and/or disinfect your hands upon making contact with public surfaces where viruses can spread.

Clean and disinfect personal computing devices regularly as your contact with public surfaces followed by these devices can cause them to become conduits for contact with viruses.

This is in no way providing medical advice and I do not practice medicine, but having worked in healthcare directly for many years, I can vouch for the need to clean and disinfect personal effects such as personal computing devices regularly, as they can also be conduits for contact with viruses. 

You only need to count how many times we check our smartphones within a given hour to see how much physical contact we have with these devices, and direct contact these devices have with our face when we talk on our phones (unless we are using Bluetooth headsets or earbuds). Even tablets, personal computers, and desktops can be frequent contact points as we use them and touch our face (chin, ear, eyes, ears, hair, etc.)

Follow your local city, county, town, health department and CDC updates, and honor and follow public notices when in public places with large groups; this is absolutely necessary for your own health and in respecting the health of others. And clean and disinfect your personal computing devices regularly. Don’t let your personal computing devices share real viruses!