During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, a Note of Thanks on This World Health Day

While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve through social distancing, telecommuting, and following the public staying-at-home orders or recommendations, I want to personally thank our frontline healthcare providers and workers, state and public works employees, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, and officials for keeping operational the critical services we need and use every day. I also want to recognize, show support, provide help to folks working in this field and individuals and groups of folks impacted directly and greatly by this epidemic. 

Care for Yourself, Your Families

The best way we should help is to follow public health officials’ guidance on staying home, telecommuting, practice social distancing, and preventing germ spread through rigorous and regular hygiene consistently. By preventing contraction and becoming asymptomatic carriers of the virus to ourselves and our family, we help to flatten the curve during the outbreak, reducing its spread and resulting in lower mortality rates near term.

Senior Support

I also want to take a moment to recognize all of those who work in senior care. As someone who’s worked in healthcare administration, I have personally seen the effects that social distancing and limiting contact with seniors can have on their mental state and well-being. While limiting physical contact is right for their safety, we need to support their emotional well-being and ensure that our seniors don’t feel isolated and alone by connecting with them virtually and finding creative ways to let them know they are connected to us in our shared isolation.

LEO and First Responders

Thanks to all of our local law enforcement and first responders for continuing to protect us from regular dangers and harmful events, while potentially exposing themselves to this new health threat. A shout out to our city, sheriff, and county officers, firefighters, and EMS folks.

Support Service Staff

I also want to recognize those in the hospitality, retail food service, and other service industries, who are suffering from job loss with their industry coming to a grinding halt. 

Food Insecurity Support

In support of those already financially and economically vulnerable and food insecure before COVID-19 , please donate food to your local food bank, food shuttle or shelter. I am proud to support the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC Carolina, and thanks for donating!

Local Business Support

For the small businesses shut down, financially impacted, and laying off or furloughing employees, most of our local businesses are trying to adapt to what may be a long protracted closure period pivoting to ordering delivery (call ahead, online or apps), takeout, or gift cards to keep their business operational, and if you enjoy patronizing them and want to see them for years to come, help keep them in business. 

Your Neighborhoods

Being openly encouraging and supportive of with personal connections is critical. We can still virtually touch each other‘s lives by showing positive emotional support for our neighbor’s, community, colleagues and other folks that we are in direct contact with by phone, video, email, DM/SMS chat, social media, and other remote channels where we have access to others. 

Corporate Support

COVID-19 is a great opportunity for large companies and corporations to step up and provide financial and physical resources and supplies, equipment, technical expertise to help healthcare systems, healthcare workers, community volunteers, and many others engaged directly in their community to help the limit community and local spread. Hilton, Target, Amazon, and others are joining the ranks of companies contributing to where there is a need and should be recognized.