Seven Strategic Benefits of a Consultant Partner


A Good Game Plan has Partners, Seven Strategic Benefits of a Consultant Partner

Organizations or companies and those that lead them will always be challenged with revenue targets, business objectives, expectations of shareholders, annual goals, meeting the constantly evolving needs of customers, and solving unique and particular challenges on a daily basis. Having a strategic consulting partner for specific needs can be critical to success.

Here are seven strategic benefits to working with a strategic consultant partner:

  1. Independent Objective Viewpoint
    When you need an objective viewpoint, your partner will give you a balanced, solution-oriented and results-driven recommendations and actions based upon their assessment. Partners do not suffer from “Can’t see the forest through the trees” conundrums. They begin with the end in mind; starting from where you want to succeed and working backwards to where you are now, cutting a clear path from point A to point B.
  2. Industry Experience and Knowledge
    A partner has significant experience in a particular field or discipline allowing them to achieve better results more quickly with specialized skills. Your partner’s access to industry resources, knowledge banks and talent can save you considerable time and money in solving your particular challenge. Partners are also up-to-date on cutting edge industry trends and best practices for metric outcome based results.
  3. Commitment to Outcome Delivery Accountability
    They’re paid for what works. Strategic partners are results driven. Your success is their success; a win-win.
  4. Economies of Scale
    A business’s industry market demand often dictates the available resources. Services of strategic partners can be scaled at the right time to produce results. Such as launching a PR or marketing campaign just before the beginning of a slow season to capture market share.
  5. Highly Specialized
    Strategic partners often have experience and skill far greater than internal talent because of extensive specialization. At Heyden Communications, internal employee brand building, company branding and graphic design are examples of very specific areas clients leverage expertise.
  6. Support Resource
    Companies can benefit from having a support resource during high demand seasons without incurring the cost of committing to, hiring, training and keeping full-time, in-house experts. At Heyden Communications, clients benefit from services ranging from online reputation management to social media management strategically during their peak seasons.
  7. Long-term business support
    Consultants can become invaluable partners to a business. Working along side a company gives the consultant familiarity with the client’s business and end users, trust of the client and efficiency of process and workflow.

I see these seven benefits of working with a strategic consultant partner on a regular basis with my clients. What business functions have you successfully augmented with a strategic consultant partner or helped a client in meeting a business objective?