Infographic for Gen Z Social, Shopping and Celebrity Influences

Marketing is all about knowing the demographics of your market. While Millennials or Gen Y (those born between the early 1980s through the early 1990s) are still the prime demographic target for online marketers because of their spending power, Generation Z or Gen Z (those born between 2000 to the present) are a maturing online market demographic.

While Gen Zers have considerably less buying power than their Gen Y counterparts at present, the younger nature of the demographic makes them a prime target for early brand loyalty development.

This Generation Z infographic covers the social media, shopping behavior, and celebrity influencer insights from current pre-teen and teens.

A few important highlights to Gen Z online behavior include:

  • 91% have access to a smart phone
  • 69% also have access to a tablet
  • 90% watch YouTube daily
  • Prefer YouTube and Instagram over Facebook for social interaction
  • Highly marketed shopping apps (think Amazon, Target, and Forever 21) where widely used

Gen Z Shopping Social Celebrity Infographic

CMG, a media and commerce firm, and EY, the world’s third-largest professional services firm, conducted the polling, studying social, influencing, and shopping habits of US pre-teen and teens.