Seven Practices for Building Camaraderie with Colleagues

Seven Practices for Building Camaraderie with Colleagues

Seven Practices for Building Camaraderie with Colleagues

Work relationships matter. Building camaraderie and cultivating relationships at work makes you, your colleagues and your company more productive and provides an enriching work-life.

For some personalities (extraverts) cultivating relationships comes naturally. For some personalities (introverts) their strengths lie in other areas and the cultivating relationships is a skill learned overtime.

Here are seven professional relationships cultivation skills to actively practice:

Make the time.
Busy schedules are an easy excuse. Block off time each day or week to connect with colleagues, make rounds around the office, take a colleague to lunch or go for a walk together.

Use the time before meetings.
Even short interactions about TV shows, movies, or sports can build relationships over time. You may be surprised the common interests and affinities you and a colleague share.

Be observant.
Pay attention to things that matter to a colleague and ask him about those things. Learn about them as an individual.

Check in with them.
Ask them how they’re doing.

Have a listen.
Ask them how their work is going and engage in active listening.

Help them out and listen for opportunities to help solve some of their work challenges. As the saying goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Demonstrate emotional intelligence.
EI or emotional intelligence is a ​measurement of a person’s ​ability to understand their own ​feelings and the ​feelings of others; awareness and empathy. It is my experience that extraverts naturally cultivate relationships need more focus on EI over introverts that have learned it as a personal skill over time. EI is quintessential for building camaraderie and cultivating relationships.

Remember work comes first, but people are what really matter. People are ultimately why we work regardless of the industry were in. A product or service is nothing without the benefit it brings to the customer or people that need it.