Holiday PR

Thank and Recognize Your Customers, Clients and Partners This Holiday Season

Holiday Public Relations Branded Bear

Holiday Public Relations Branded Bear

The holidays are a time of great cheer, from memories and merriment to family and food. The holidays are also for good public relations. Give your organization the opportunity to shine brightly this holiday season with these PR tips to build stronger relationships with your customers, clients and partners.

Caring Card

Sending a holiday card with well wishes and a simple thank you is the most simple, genuine holiday communication you can make that provides a personal touch on a professional relationship. Make sure your card is season appropriate, matches your brand and has a personal message for the individual recipients. Mention your gratitude for the relationship, an interaction occurring that year and have everyone within your organization related to that relationship sign the card. A small gift card, special offer or promotion from your organization is also appropriate to add. Make sure you send it early in the season; you don’t want the card arriving after they have left the office for the holidays.

Office Items

Good branding keeps your company top of mind. Look back on the year and forward to next year. What item would represent the relationship to date or drive home your message about next year? Branded calendars, business card holders, cell phone stands, picture frames and framed quote art with your logo are great starts. Think creatively about the recipient(s) and purchase accordingly. Branded office items are affordable, lasting, meaningful and good public relations.

Warm Branded Wear

Send them a branded jacket, hat, scarf or earmuffs. It will warm their hearts and literally warm them! If you like taking on a little brand risk, send a branded Christmas sweater. Your brand may take a little heat for a fashion faux pas, but the upside is your branded Christmas sweater may go viral on social media!

Office Eats and Treats

As the saying goes, the way to the heart is through the stomach. The holidays are a great reason to show appreciation by sending along a few treats to share with the office colleagues. Popcorn, mixed nuts, chocolates, everything but eggnog is up for consideration!

Liquid Holiday Cheer

Bar libations, consider creating a holiday care package with branded mugs and branded thermos, coffee, hot coco, teas and other hot drinks. Mugs and thermos are like pens, everyone needs one.

However your organization chooses to spread holiday cheer, give the recipient the same amount of thought you would give to a family member or friend’s gift. The holidays are a time to be thankful, positive and inclusive. Why not associate your organization with that good branding, and generate good will toward your organization from your customers, clients and partners!