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How is your Customer Experience or CX

Customer Experience (CX) Marketing Gone Wrong (Video)

Marketing has (or should have by now) evolved to prioritize customer experience, or known more frequently as CX in marketing...

Instagram Addiction and the Husband

PSA Parody: Instagram Addiction

[Warning: This is a Parody PSA] Social media addiction may be real for some. Supporting social media public service announcements, please...

Advertising for Social Media: Sonic’s New Instagram Campaign

Advertising for Social Media: Sonic’s New Instagram Campaign

This month, Sonic, one of America’s top drive-in fast-food restaurant chains, releases its new creamery shakes inspired by Instagram for Coachella...

Jargon Buzz Words Corporate Speak Heyden Communications

Examples of Bureaucratese (Jargon, Buzz Words, Corporate Speak, etc.)

Business speak, business jargon, corporate jargon, buzz words. These are all bureaucratese, a term for speech or writing that is typically characterized by...

2016 Digital Media Consumer Behavior Insights Heyden Communications

Digital Media Consumer Behavior Insights for 2016

Infinite Dial is an excellent 2016 digital media consumer behavior data survey report populated by Edison Research and Triton Digital. This report...