Tape Face: The Power of Marketing a Great Product

Tape Face - Great Product to Great Marketing

Tape Face – Great Product to Great Marketing

I was recently reminded the power of marketing a great product. The NBC show America’s Got Talent 11 season has hundreds of diverse talent acts competing to win AGT, and one act that truly represents the power of marketing a great product is Boy with Tape on His Face, or Tape Face for short.

How does an act like Tape Face exemplify marketing a great product? I am glad you asked. As a marketing branding professional, here are six strategic attributes Tape Face clearly has to market his product, a great talent act:


With a distinctive look, an obvious memorable name and personality that is unique, Tape Face’s brand is built to market. Tape Face brand has enormous potential to market.


Tape Face’s brand appeals to a wide audience, young and old. It is positive, humorous and curious. Unusual yet familiar. The dynamic structure of the act has thoughtful, designed intent to be appealing.


One aspect of Tape Face’s act is the lack of dialogue. For standup humor, it is based solely on Tape Face’s physical actions, requiring Tape Face to relate and connect with the audience through known visual and imaginary constructs that have universal commonality. Think as hand gestures, facial queues and physical objects. Tailored for cultural differences, Tape Face has the ability to connect with audiences regardless of their language, tapping into the universal human nature that makes his brand relatable.


Tape Face’s act is like a finger print. Instantaneously recognizable Tape Face has a brand identity that encompasses a visual element (his taped face), his silent act and his use of the physical environment to communicate with the audience make his brand unique and original.


Tape Face’s act is substantial. The marketing is not greater than the act. Performance trumps presentation. Great marketing involves a meaningful product or service that needs marketing to connect to the market, not sell the product or service. The product or service should sell itself, presentation provides the opportunity.

Great Product, Great marketing

Tape Face reminds us that when you have a great product, marketing comes naturally, has great potential and is amplified. Like the chemical reaction, when you have the right mix of a meaningful, original, relatable, appealing and marketable product or service, the results can have explosive potential.

Check out Boy with Tape on His Face here and enjoy!