Holiday Marketing Best Practices


Next weekend we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but regardless of the holiday, your organization should catch the holiday spirit and be market relevant and seasonally savvy with these marketing best practices:

Part of the Plan                           

While staying true to your brand and marketing message, be thoughtful and incorporate holiday marketing into not only your strategic marketing plan, but also your social media marketing calendar. Yes, your business should have both a marketing plan and marketing calendar.

Plan Ahead

Plan 30 days out from the holiday how your company can incorporate the holiday into your brand. Consider how your existing and potential customers participate in the upcoming holiday and take a thoughtful approach to your marketing. Participation could mean a social media strategy, an online advertising campaign, a holiday community event, or all of the above.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great way to involve your brand appropriately in the holiday using creative expression. Engage and grow your social media followers through creative holiday messaging, games, facts, company promotions and special offers that are inline with your brand. Use holiday hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and other social media that you and your customers use to get your audience engaged and buzzing about your creative holiday marketing.

Engagement Strategy

An engagement strategy involves being part of the conversation by sharing fun and appropriate preexisting content that is readily available. The advantage to an engagement strategy with holiday marketing is efficient ease of use, low upfront cost and limited time commitment. The downside to sharing preexisting content is the lack of your brand recognition.

Creation Strategy

A creation strategy involves being the originator of buzzworthy content and creativity. Leverage your marketing department or marketing partner to develop creative themes, graphics, messages and interactive media to compliment your business’ holiday programs, special offers and promotions. The advantage to a creation strategy with holiday marketing is creativity ownership and branding; your company brand is marketed and associated with creativity. The downside is the time and resources required to create branded holiday marketing.

Work with a Partner

Often, you will find that working with a digital or social media partner will not only help you  successfully develop, launch, monitor and measure your holiday marketing messaging campaigns, but also use those campaigns to help drive your business through audience engagement. Check out how Heyden Communications can help you engage in seasonally savvy marketing!

A Word on Social Media and Word-of-Mouth

Holiday marketing is also a great way to create brand loyalty and build your online social media presence through in-store promotion and email marketing. Encourage customers that participate in your in-store promotion to share their experiences with your promotion on social media. Send an email campaign to current customers with your company’s holiday marketing program that include links to share on their social media. Both in-store promotion and email marketing are cost effective holiday marketing strategies employed to create more awareness, conversation and engagement.

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and here’s to a “pot o’ gold at the end of the holiday marketing rainbow!”

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