10 Creative Best Practices for Branded Marketing: Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza Creative Branded Box Heyden Communications

As an excellent archetype for creative brand marketing, Domino’s Pizza recently designed new pizza boxes in the likeness of  their logo a red and blue domino. Package designer Jones Knowles Ritchie recreates the Domino’s Pizza’s logo across two boxes. They are currently only available in the UK, but will make their way to the US.

Domino’s has also launched a new stylish, custom made pizza delivery vehicle, the DXP.

Dominos Pizza DXP Heyden Communications

You can also take a virtual tour of Domino’s DXP ride here.


10 Best Practices for Creative Branded Marketing

Domino’s new pizza box and delivery ride represents a number of best practices with creative brand marketing.

1. Creative
Just like each finger print is unique, branded marketing is representative of the organization’s unique identity.

2. Artistic
Branded marketing should be aesthetically pleasing, attractive and positive. Variety is the spice of life!

3. Innovative
Branded marketing should be transformative, demonstrating a metamorphosis of the brand.

4. Engaging
Branded marketing should be a positive conversation starter, provoking opinions and discussions like when viewing art.

5. Iconic
Branded marketing is iconic, providing an object as a physical representation of the brand. It paints a vivid picture and provides another paradigm of the brand. Like pealing back the layers an onion.

6. Interesting
Branded marketing should interest the viewer and provoke their own personal sense of curiosity and creativity.

7. Current
The best branded marketing should be cutting edge and represent current culture.

8. Foundational
Branded marketing should always be founded upon the company’s values, mission, culture, products, and services.

9. Highly Visible
Like any marketing, branded marketing should demand attention through its unique attributes and incorporate all of the above best practices.

10. Brand Compliant
Branded marketing should be inline with the brand’s guidelines as a foundation and build on that foundation by incorporating all of the above best practices. Branded marketing should have a foundational canvas, but sky’s the limit. Like a Christmas tree, the core essence is present yet is ornamented with unique diversity.



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