The Mobile Method

The mobile user has become increasingly tied to their personal mobile device, and markers are leveraging mobile to reach their audience and create engagement.

The latest buzz word in marketing is engagement and mobile is increasingly becoming the medium of method. The mobile medium method engages highly targeted audiences through their personal mobile device.

In recent decades, the modern mobile user has become increasingly tied to their personal mobile device, using their smart phone for almost every form of communication.

Studies show the amount of time daily spent on mobile devices continues to increase, with current studies finding mobile phone users check their phones close to 1,700 times per day. With more consumer experiences and transactions occurring on mobile including search, social interactions and communications, entertainment, news, education, transactions and work, adopting the mobile medium method is a logical progression in the evolution of marketing.

Marketers are now shifting their focus to mobile, with its potential to reach consumers in a very direct, targeted, personal and effective way.

As marketing fragmentation through the proliferation of communications channels continues to make it harder to reach an already inundated consumer, marketers are leveraging mobile marketing to target an audience by mobile search, user demographics, geo-location and time of day.

The mobile medium also provides markers with the ability to engage the audience in the message, create dialogue, establish relationships and maintain loyalty.