Procrastinate for Creativity, Not Productivity

Sweet Spot For Procrastination

What behavior and thoughts make original, creative thinkers and innovators?

TED Talks presenter Adam Grant covered the surprising habits of innovators.

Moderate procrastination can help the mind’s creative incubator to generate nonlinear and divergent ideas. Procrastination can be a form of contemplative thinking.

In the middle of the proactive and the procrastinators are original thinkers.

Procrastination is a vice for productivity, but moderate procrastination can be a virtue for creativity. Creativity is doubting the default and look for a better unknown option not yet discovered.

The greatest creative innovators are those that fail the most; they are those who try the most. Remember Thomas Edison? 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Edison tried and failed to perfect the lightbulb 1,000 times before successfully discovering the working lightbulb. When he was asked about his number of failures he replied that inventing lightbulb took 1,000 steps to achieve success.

Where do you fall on procrastination scale?