2020 Is The Year for Branding Visibility

2020 Is The Year for Branding Visibility

Branding is important, for both organizations and individuals. Whether you are a small or large company; a for-profit or non-profit; and regardless of your industry sector, company size, or location, you and your business should have a 2020 brand strategy and implement it.

Video’s Compelling Power

In this short example, Heyden Communications and Your Local Studio demonstrates the compelling power a video has when crafted with...

The Engine Behind Product Marketing Innovation is Observation

The Engine Behind Product Marketing Innovation, Observation

What if there were a secret to design innovation to build and market products for consumers? There is and it...

Brand Performance Effect 

Brand Performance Effect 

  Studies have long shown brands well-established by marketing command greater market share, higher market demand, and are valued at...

Brand Marketing Insights: What Women Want (Infographic)

A 2016 brand marketing insights study into what digital content women interact most the most reveals beauty, apparel, and personal care...