“Mr. Heyden came to FastMed Urgent Care six years ago and has performed a remarkable job as the Senior National Director of Communications and Marketing at FastMed. He has been instrumental in developing our marketing strategy, is a quick study, very dynamic, is passionate about his work, willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities and is quite capable of doing the job of several people. His performance has been remarkable and impressed all of us. I’m confident that Mr. Heyden will be a valuable asset to your company as he has been to ours.”

Dr. Mel Lee, Chief Medical Officer, FastMed Urgent Care in North Carolina


“Reuel is a considered to be a fearless leader in the healthcare industry with his abundant knowledge in corporate communications, marketing and public relations. With this passion to be the best at what he does, he has been a key factor to FastMed’s success. It takes great skill to be able to articulate strategy with the finesse that Reuel has. With Reuel’s positive and supportive nature, he has encouraged me to push the bar and strive for the best during my time at FastMed Urgent Care. I would recommend Reuel to anyone looking for a sharp eye and a keen sense on what’s trending and how to communicate your brand to your customer base.”

Amanda Tracy, Traffic Manager at Impress Labs


“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Reuel through his leadership role with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) chapter here in Raleigh. In some ways Reuel is the face of PRSA, in that he is quite welcoming, people-oriented and knowledgeable, and has helped integrate myself and many other PR professionals naturally and enthusiastically into the chapter. He’s also been prompt and patient in answering some of my questions. Thanks to his involvement, insights and communication skills, Reuel has a clear vision for what it takes to create a successful organization and give it credibility with everyone with whom he’s networked.”

Bill Rose, ​​Media Relations and Public Relations Manager, ABB


“I have worked with Reuel Heyden on various public relations projects and together on the board of the North Carolina Chapter of Public Relations of America. Reuel is a very qualified, dependable professional who is effective and efficient. His personable nature is a huge plus; he easily develops positive, trusting relationships with colleagues and clients, which is critical to effective business and communications. With my extensive background and expertise in PR, marketing and journalism, I would gladly work with him on any project.”

Katherine Smart, PR & Marketing Communications Consultant


“Reuel is a passionate, articulate communicator. He knows how to identify the audience and craft the message that connects and moves them. He’s the consummate PR professional.”

Tony Arnold, Managing Director at Engage Media Communications


“Reuel is a dedicated professional and very knowledgeable about healthcare marketing and community relations. He brings a positive energy to projects and campaigns and is a pleasure to work with.”

Suzy Buglewicz, Communications Manager at iTriage


“Reuel and I have worked together on the North Carolina Public Relations Society of America’s Board of Directors for more than three years. He is an exceptional board member, communicator and colleague. Reuel is detail oriented, level-headed and hard working. He accepts challenges and faces them head-on. He is clever and intelligent. I am proud to know Reuel and pleased to be able to recommend him.”

Meredith Blalock, Senior Communications Representative at Bayer CropScience


“Reuel is 100% committed. He is well organized, solicits ideas from the front line and implements the best of them while keeping everyone affected in the loop. He does this in a fast paced growing organization that stretches everyone but he remains calm and likeable.”

Bruce Bair, Practice Manager and Health Care Provider, FastMed Urgent Care


“Reuel is very professional, polished & a pleasure to work with. Reuel was brought on board to develop a marketing campaign for a start up Convention & Event center in Greensboro, NC. His experience with and knowledge of the Convention & Event business and his ability to impart that knowledge has proven invaluable. He is an indispensable part of the team. Reuel has also developed a marketing campaign for the Property Management side of the business as well. Reuel’s hard work has put a professional face on our company.”

Michelle McGinnis, Administration Manager, Isha Homes, LLC


“My association with Reuel has been in financial management of the North Carolina Public Relations Society of America.  As Treasurer, he has a good working knowledge of budgeting, cash management, financial reporting, principles of fiscal control, and cash and accrual accounting.  He also has excellent people skills. “I am the organization’s financial manager, having been its president; also. For 20 years, I was CEO of an international trade association, and hold an MBA. So I can vouch for his performance in this area.”

John Mead, MBA, APR, President, Mead Management


“Reuel is a top notch in his field. A consummate public relations professional. In advertising he understands the importance of setting metrics on success. In marketing Reuel’s measure twice, cut once approach means initiatives are executed efficiently, effectively, timely, and measurably. I would recommend Reuel to anyone needing his services.”

Paul Adams, Advertising Executive, WHKP


From my work at FastMed, Reuel has experience working in the C-suite, is results driven but also understands the importance of building lasting win-win relationships, knows marketing, public relations, advertising grassroots marketing and how to bring them all together to build a winning formula to build a medical practice.

Ossie Alvarez, Practice Manager and Health Care Provider, FastMed Urgent Care


“Reuel is results-oriented, dedicated, productive, and pays great attention to detail. The work he accomplished for us gave us great bang for our buck and took us to a new level in productivity. In addition to his professional qualities, Reuel is very personable and is both educated and current on marketing trends. I highly recommend him!”

Dorothy Van Dyck, Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts at Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation


“I have worked with Reuel for almost five years on marketing and communications for FastMed, a company that has grown from nine locations to a leading national urgent care company with nearly 100 locations over that time. Reuel is able to understand business and marketing strategies, and develop and execute tactics across multiple marketing channels. He’s professional, trustworthy and great to work with.”

Chris Cooney, President, Wilmark Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Reuel as members of a common professional organization. As officers on the board, I cannot express how detail oriented and thorough Reuel is with every task. I’m sure this is a reflection of his corporate work ethic as well. I would recommend Reuel’s work to anyone interested.”

Chuck Norman, APR, Executive Vice President, S&A Cherokee​​


“I fully recommend Reuel if you need a PR/marketing consultant. He has led the marketing and community relations for the largest urgent care provider in North Carolina. His intelligence, experience and positive attitude won’t let you down. Reuel has taught me so much about what it takes to be a great marketing professional. His templates, dashboards and attention to detail has made my job at FastMed a turning point in my professional development. He’s there for me when I need assistance and will always challenge me to be a better person.”

Gerald Bohulano, Marketing Synergist at University of Advancing Technology