Reuel Heyden

Reuel Heyden, Principal, Heyden Communications


Mr. Heyden has practiced marketing, public relations and advertising in the engineering, non-profit, association, investment, housing and medical industries in addition to serving as an independent practitioner and strategic consultant for many small businesses.

Mr. Heyden’s integrated marketing communications at Heyden Communications incorporates marketing, public relations, advertising, digital and new media across each spectrum that generates long-term results.

Heyden’s qualitative approach builds relationships with clients, customers, investors, employees, vendors, suppliers, and all constituencies of the business to create mutual value and a culture of trust critical to achieving the businesses mission and goals.

Heyden’s quantitative approach brings research data, direct customer and client feedback metrics (net promoter scores), analytics, customer relationship management (CRMs) systems, technologies and other measurement metrics to prove return on investment and return on value for campaigns that are effective, custom and provide capital value to the business

Heyden seamlessly executes targeted integrated marketing communications campaigns, reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message.